S. Maureen McGarrity, CSFN, University President

From Our President

As the hours of daylight progressively shorten, winds take on a chill, the campus foliage provides a panorama of color, and the University community undergoes a subtle change in the rhythm and nature of its activities, we become aware of the approaching holidays.

Personally, I have much to be grateful for during this special season. Just a short time ago, I was installed as the fifth President of Holy Family. The day was a special one as we shared memories of the diligent hard work that resulted in the University we have today. We reflected on the core values that form the foundation of our life efforts. We renewed our acceptance of the challenge to live the value of family everyday, and we celebrated together for what has been and what is yet to come. This day was one in which the environment of family was palpable--certainly an event to be thankful for, but more importantly, now, an opportunity for leadership for which I am sincerely grateful.

I hope that we, as a campus community, can look beyond the commercialism of the holiday season that we are now entering to those things that are the source of and give meaning to our celebration of both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I hope that each of us will seek and find ways to express that meaning in our life and work for others. If we live the holiday season in this way, the Value of Family will be a beacon of hope and love and its influence will far outlast any point in time and will make a difference. This is a gift that each of us can afford and that will be gratefully received.

We have been promised that what we give will return to us a hundredfold. Much peace, many blessings, and abundant joy be yours!

Sister Maureen McGarrity
President, Holy Family University