The Strategic Planning Stewardship Team

The Strategic Planning Stewardship Team assists in the preparation of the University's four-year strategic plan, provides oversight for the implementation of the Plan, refines the process of linking the budget and Strategic Planning, and makes recommendations for annual revisions and updates for the Plan.


Karen Galardi, Chair, MBA, EdD, Associate Vice President, Newtown & Strategic Planning
Sister Francesca Onley, PhD, President
Stephen Bates, CPA, MBA, Instructor

Ana Maria Catanzaro, BSN, PhD, Dean, School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions
Sister Marcella Binkowski, CSFN, EdD, Vice President for Student Life
J. Barry Dickinson, PhD, Dean, School of Business Administration
Heather Dotchel, MS, Interim Director of Marketing and Communications
Roger Gee, PhD, Associate Professor
TBA, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services
Margaret Kelly, MA, Vice President for Mission
Gloria Kersey-Matusiak, PhD, RN, Professor and Coordinator for Diversity

Michael Markowitz, PhD, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Chad May, MS, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment
Sister Maureen McGarrity, CSFN, PhD, Provost
Michael McNulty, MEd, Activities Director
Stephen Medvec, PhD, Associate Professor
Sister Margaret DeSales O’Connor, CSFN, AB, Assistant to the AVP, Newtown & Strategic Planning
Rochelle Robbins, PhD, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
James Trusdell, MBA, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Sister Marcella Louise Wallowicz, CSFN, MA, School of Arts and Sciences
Robert Wetzel, JD, Vice President for Development

Kevin Zook, PhD, Dean, School of Education

* The President and Vice Presidents will be ex officio members of and advisors to the Team.