Strategic Planning

Over the past year, the Holy Family University community engaged in deep reflection and assessment as we embarked on the development of the Strategic Plan 2011-2014. During this time, the University also pursued two additional initiatives: Middle States reaccreditation and rebranding. The convergence of these three initiatives led to a rich understanding of the challenges facing us, as well as the opportunities available in meeting the academic and social needs of our students.

The themes and goals in this plan were designed to leverage the current strengths of Holy Family University. This plan builds upon the foundation of the Strategic Plan 2005-2010 and includes several of the same themes. While considerable progress has been made on the previous themes and supporting goals, we recognize that there is still work to be done. These themes continue to resonate for Holy Family University; however, the strategies to meet the goals of the themes will be different over the next four years than those over the previous five.

Facilitating progress toward our strategic goals will be a five-year, $2 million Title III Grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The intended purpose of the grant is the improvement and strengthening of academic quality, institutional management, and fiscal stability. This funding, awarded to Holy Family in September, 2010 and will use it to create, develop and implement a comprehensive, unified assessment program for student learning and institutional effectiveness. This program is data-driven and feeds directly into the strategic planning process. It will lead to better student learning, better pedagogy, and better service to Holy Family's constituencies.

In these changing and challenging times, thriving as a University requires both diligence and innovation as we work together to accomplish our goals. We commit ourselves to pursuing creative ideas to achieve optimal solutions to the challenges we face and to seize opportunities for advancement and enrichment.

The Strategic Plan, 2011-2014, reflects our mission, vision, and core values as a Catholic institution of higher learning founded by the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth. Holy Family seeks direction and inspiration from the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, affirms the values of the Judeo-Christian tradition, and witnesses to the dignity of each person and the oneness of the human family. As a community, we will continue to work conscientiously to express this mission in everything we do in the hope of lighting our students' way to abundant, consequential lives.

Sister Francesca Onley, CSFN, PhD
Past President, Holy Family University