Alpha House

Immerse your child in a supportive atmosphere and watch them thrive.

The Alpha House Nursery, Pre-K and Kindergarten was established in 1975 and is operated by Holy Family University, serving the community and staffed by professional teachers with assistance from the University's School of Education faculty.

Alpha HouseAlpha House Nursery, Pre-K and Kindergarten is an academic program that follows a traditional school calendar, operating from September to June.

The Alpha House building is located next to the Holy Family Library. This modular, one-story building was erected for the children's programs in 1984. A separate driveway permits convenient access for parents and children arriving and departing from school. Teachers supervise the children at arrival and dismissal times.

Nursery Program
The Nursery programs are available for three year olds. We have a two-day program, Tuesdays and Thursday – a morning session from 8:55-11:30 and an afternoon session from 12:40-3:15. We also have a five day full day program from 8:55-3:15. These programs are designed for children who are three by September 1.

The Pre-K programs are available for four year olds. We have a three-day program, Monday, Wednesday and Friday – a morning session from 8:55-11:30 and an afternoon session from 12:40-3:15. We also have a five day full day program from 8:55-3:15. These programs are designed for children who are four by September 1.

The Kindergarten classes are held five days per week. These sessions are from 8:30-2:50. Kindergarten students are grouped in classes of 15 children. This program is designed for children who are five by September 1.

Alpha House

Alpha House’s Kids Club after-school program offers care and supervision in a fun, interactive and enriching environment for children ages pre-school through grade eight.
For more information, contact Theresa Coughlin at 215-637-7700, x3288.


An effective Early Childhood program should be well defined and structured to include the academic, physical, spiritual and organizational development of young children.

Children learn by teacher direction, teacher guidance and through individual self-exploration. The development of a feeling of security and positive self-concept is an integral part of our program and is nurtured through the dedication, interest, motivation and personal qualities of the teachers. We of Holy Family University believe that the whole child should be developed.

We believe that children:

 Must be exposed to an atmosphere of love so that eventually they will be totally inbued with love of god and neighbor.

  • Should be provided with a proper physical setting to allow exploration and discovery.
  • Should be given occasions for language and auditory development.
  • Should be provided with experiences to develop concepts in reading readiness and number meaning.


Alpha House Staff

All of our teachers hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education and are certified in Early Childhood Education.  Nursery class sizes range from 10-12 children and Kindergarten range from 15-20.

Alpha House does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national or ethnic origin, or handicap in administration of its education policies or admissions policies.

Alpha House Administration
Mary Becker, Director of Alpha House
Connie Dema, Secretary

Nursery Staff
Karen Barnes, Full-Day Teacher
Maureen Pristera, Two-Day Teacher

Pre-K Staff
Christine Humphries, Full Day Teacher
Maureen Pristera, Three-Day Teacher
Laura Vorgity, Full Day Teacher

Kindergarten Staff
Theresa Coughlin, Kindergarten Teacher
Georgia Trantas-Weiss, Kindergarten Teacher

Sister Evey, Spanish and Religion Teacher
Denise Manto, Technology Teacher
Terri Vaccarino, Physical Education Teacher

Contact Info:
9801 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19114
Phone: 215-632-3366
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Staff Credentials

Mary Becker
B.A., Lasalle University
M.Ed., Holy Family University-Early Childhood Education
Alpha House, 11 years

  • Director, 2006-Present
  • Teacher, 2002-2012
  • Interim Director, 2005-2006

Karen Barnes
Full Day Nursery Teacher
B.S., Penn State University
M.Ed., Arcadia University-Special Education
Alpha House, 7 years

  • Full Day Nursery Teacher, 2010-Present
  • 2 Day Nursery Teacher, 2008-2010
  • Technology Teacher, 2006-2008

Sister Evelyn Figuero
Spanish/Religious Studies
B.A., Holy Family University
Alpha House,   17 years
Part-time Teacher, 1995-Present

Theresa Hodges
Kindergarten Teacher/Director. After School Program
B.A., Widener University, Early Childhood/Elementary Education
M.A., Holy Family University, Special Education
Currently pursuing a Pennsylvania Autism Endorsement Certification
Alpha House, 11 years

  • Kindergarten Teacher, 2007 - Present
  • Director, Kids Club, 2005 - Present
  • Full Day Preschool Teacher/Nursery Teacher,  2002-2007
  • 2 Day Nursery/3 Day Pre-K Teacher, 2002-2007

Christine Humphries
Full Day Pre-K Teacher
B.A., Holy Family University – Certified in Early Childhood and Elementary Education
Pursuing Masters, Special Education at Holy Family University
Alpha House, 8 Years

  • Full Day Pre-K Teacher,  2008 – Present
  • 2 Day Nursery and 3 Day Pre-K Teacher, 2006-2008
  • Interim Kindergarten Teacher,   2005-2006

Maureen Pristera
2 Day Nursery & 3 Day Pre-K Teacher
B.A, Holy Family University, Early Childhood/Elementary
Alpha House, 7 years

  • 2 Day Nursery & 3 Day Pre-K Teacher, 2012-Present
  • Kids Club, Assistant Director, 2011-Present
  • 2 Day Nursery Teacher, 2010-2012
  • Technology Teacher, 2009- 2011
  • Kids Club, 2005-Present

Denise Manto
Technology Teacher
B.S., University of Pittsburg
Graduate work at College of N.J. (Trenton State College)
Alpha House 2 years

  • Technology Teacher, 2012-Present
  • Substitute Teacher 2010-2012

Laura Vorgity
Full Day Pre-K Teacher
B.S., East Stroudsburg University, Early Childhood Education
M.A., Holy Family University, Education
Certified in:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Special Education
  • Reading Specialist
  • Pursuing Autism Endorsement Certification at Holy Family University

Alpha House, 8 years
Full Day Pre-K Teacher, 2008-Present
Full Day Nursery Teacher, 2005-2008
Kids Club, 2005- 2012

Georgia Trantas-Weiss
Kindergarten Teacher
B.A., Holy Family University, Elementary Education
M.A., Arcadia University, Early Childhood Education
Alpha House, 37 years

  • Founder, Kindergarten Program
  • Fundraiser Coordinator
    • Chop Toy Drive
    • St. Jude’s Game Day
    • St. Francis Inn
    • Food Drive
  • Developmental Curriculum Specialist
  • Recipient, 2012 Alumni Educator of the Year, Holy Family University