Faculty, Administration & Trustee Information

Message for Administrators, Faculty, Staff and Trustees
Participating in the Commencement Ceremonies

Commencement Day is at the world class venue of the Kimmel Center. For those who will actually participate in one or both commencement processionals and plan to use public transportation or personal vehicles for getting to the Kimmel Center, it is important to arrive by 8:30 am.

For those who are participating in the processionals and/or assisting in some way to make Commencement Day a success, and planning to ride the buses to and from the Kimmel Center, the motor coach ride will take approximately 35 minutes. Riders must be at theCampus Center of the Philadelphia Campus for boarding at 7:00 am.

Upon arrival at the Kimmel Center, the buses will unload in front of the South Broad Street main entrance. Approximately 25 minutes after the afternoon baccalaureate ceremony concludes, the buses will load in the same location for the return trip to Holy Family’s Philadelphia Campus.  The buses will not leave until all riders are accounted for. If you have academic attire, please don’t forget your attire and any personal belongings when getting on or leaving your bus. If you are not returning to campus on the bus, please inform your Holy Family bus coordinator.

Whether you ride the bus or go to the Kimmel Center on your own, upon entering the Commonwealth Plaza (Grand Lobby), Holy Family hosts and Kimmel Center ushers will direct you to the designated locations.

Faculty marching in the processions will be directed to the upper tier where they will robe and queue up for the graduate degree ceremony which begins promptly at 9:30 am.

Members of the President’s special stage party will be directed to the Green Room (located on main floor-back stage) for queuing for the first processional.

Banner and flag bearers, the student song leaders, and all those faculty and staff involved in supporting the ceremonies in some leadership manner will be directed to Tier 1 or another appropriate venue. Sisters and guests with Verizon Hall reserved tickets will be able to enter Verizon Hall at least 30 minutes prior to the ceremony. A prelude will be performed by a concert pianist during the seating of Verizon Hall guests prior to each ceremony.

Immediately after the morning graduate ceremony, lunch will be available. All members of the stage party should return to the robing area after the morning ceremony to take off their academic attire before going to the buffet. Faculty and members of the President’s special stage party should then return to their staging area to prepare for the afternoon ceremony which begins at 12:30 pm. Honored members of the Class of 1966 and their guests will be at the buffet as well as some of our honorary degree recipients and their guests.

There will be staff members at our Holy Family information desk in the Lobby at all times as well as ushers and security officers to assist any guests with special needs.

While May 12th is a very special day, don’t forget the Mass of Thanksgiving honoring all of our graduates and the Class of 1966, to be held at 6 pm, on Wednesday, May 11, in the Campus Center on the Philadelphia Campus. Reservations are not needed for the Mass.

May God bless all members of our Holy Family Community as we celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates, honor the Class of 1966, and remember the support and guidance provided to our undergraduate and graduate degree recipients by our distinguished faculty, staff and administrators.