Social Media Policy

The growth of online social media--including networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, media sharing sites such as YouTube, and blogs--represents a tremendous opportunity to extend Holy Family University’s Web presence in new ways. Holy Family enthusiastically welcomes this opportunity.

Understandably, Holy Family has a considerable interest in protecting its own image, fostering goodwill, and enhancing its reputation within the community, regardless of medium. Those using social media on behalf of an official University department or organization are expected to adhere to the following policies and procedures regarding postings:

Notify the University. Departments or University units that have a social media page or would like to start one should contact the Marketing/Communications Department at 267-341-3378 to ensure all institutional social media sites coordinate with other Holy Family University sites and their content. All institutional pages must have a full-time appointed faculty/staff member that is identified as being responsible for content. For student clubs, this should be the moderator of the club/organization

The person responsible for content must acknowledge who he/she is, a representative of Holy Family University, when posting on any social media platform

Have a plan. Departments and organizations should consider their messages, audiences, and goals, as well as a strategy for keeping information on social media sites up-to-date.