Xiaojing (Joanne) MA

Associate Professor of Economics

PhD, Economics, University of Pennsylvania, August 2007

MA, Economics, University of Pennsylvania, 2002

BA, Economics, Peking University, China, 2000

Courses Taught

Economic Theory---Micro Theory

Economic Theory---Macro Theory

Introduction to Economics

Options and Futures Markets

Financial Management II

Teaching Focus or Philosophy

My goal of teaching is to make a difference and make an impact in the lives of my students. I want my students to leave my class thinking differently because of what they have learned from my lecture. At the end of a semester, I hope that they could have a new perspective because they have taken Economics.


“Positive Shocks, Hawk-Dove Games and Business Cycles”, Global Economy and Finance, Vol 3, No.1, pp.111-126, March 2010

“Globalization and the Widening Inequality in Developed Countries”, Competition Forum, Vol. 9, No.2, pp. 473-480, 2011

“Damaged Durable Goods: Mitigating the Time Inconsistency Problem”, Accepted by World Review of Business Research

Awards and Honors

Ray L. Taylor Memorial Award, 2013

SEPCHE/Teagle Grant, 2013

Xiaojing (Joanne) MA
Office: AQ 20
Phone: 267-341-3274