MA in Criminal Justice

This program was designed to develop and sharpen skills appropriate to beginning or continuing practitioners in the criminal justice system. Professionals in the fields of law enforcement, corrections, or the court system can utilize this degree to seek career advancement or personal enrichment.

The program consists of 10 courses for a total of 30 credits.

Program Goals
• Foster greater awareness and understanding of complex issues and problems within the field of criminal justice
• Advance students’ problem-solving abilities by developing analytical and critical research skills
• Enhance students’ practical capabilities by emphasizing a professional orientation to the criminal justice field

The program’s capstone course applies knowledge and practical skills to a specific justice-related issue or problem and sharpens students’ writing, research, and communication skills, thereby preparing them either for doctoral-level study or for professional growth and advancement. Students have conducted research on such topics as school shootings, social-structural consequences of incarceration, the relationship between drug use and violent crime, the effectiveness of halfway houses, and the truth behind religious conversion in prisons. Close collaboration and consultation with a faculty mentor allow students to work independently and to tailor the amount of supervision received to their individual needs.

Admission Requirements
Graduate students seeking full admission to the Master of Arts program must submit an application to the Office of Graduate Admissions and meet the following requirements:
• Submit application with statement of goals
• Submit official transcripts from all institutions attended
• Submit two letters of reference
• Submit an example of scholarly writing, such as an undergraduate paper
or an article authored by the applicant
• Submit a $25 application fee
Once all the admission materials have been received, the application will be forwarded to the Graduate Chair in Criminal Justice for review.