Human Resources

For human resources professionals seeking to further their careers and individuals seeking professional advancement in managerial careers, the Master of Science in Human Resources Management program offers an opportunity to study new areas of management and gain a broad understanding of their field or endeavor. The major thrust of the program is to gain knowledge of current practices in human resources management. Those students interested in preparation for management careers in human resources or general management will find that the program meets their needs.

The Mission

The Master of Science in Human Resources Management, in conjunction with the Mission of the University, seeks to direct and inspire students to enhance their understanding of the principles and practices of managing people in contemporary organizations. The program affirms the dignity of the human person in all matters of an administrative nature. Students are encouraged to become life-long learners and to pursue professional certifications to enhance their skills. The Master of Science in Human Resources Management seeks, additionally, to instill in its students a passion for creative scholarship and imaginative use of new technology.

The mission of the graduate human resources management program is to:

• Foster the development of professionals, scholars, and lifelong learners who apply advanced study to master effective problem solving skills

• Facilitate the development of critical thinkers who can use their personal, professional, spiritual, and academic experiences in the analysis of human resources management issues

• Develop informed users of research who are capable of making significant contributions to their chosen field

• Support and encourage scholarship, intellectual inquiry, and professional responsibility that nurtures the growth and development of others

Program Goals

Four specific goals have been identified to guide program development and review:

• To provide opportunities for the development of innovative and effective teaching methods rooted in an understanding of management theory and research

• To provide successful professional managers with the knowledge to assume leadership roles in human resources management and in the managerial leadership community

• To nurture a deep commitment to excellence in human resources management and managerial leadership as a means of service to others

• To provide a supportive and cooperative learning environment that encourages students to develop their potential for study and their understanding of human resources