Guo-An Diao


Associate Professor of Mathematics

PhD, Mathematics, Rutgers University, 2003

Courses Taught

Introduction to College Math
Contemporary Math
Math for Education Majors
Elementary Statistics
College Algebra and Trigonometry
Calculus I and II
Ordinary Differential Equations
Discrete Math
Modern Geometry
Theory of Numbers
Introduction to Complex Variables
Numerical Analysis

Teaching Focus or Philosophy

Make Math fun to learn for students, and care and respect students.



Guo-An Diao and Mark Feighn. The Grushko decomposition of a finite graph of finite rank free groups: an algorithm, Geometry and Topology, Vol. (9) (2005)  no. 41, pages 1835-1880.

Guo-An Diao. Diversity, Internationalization, and Institutional Identity, jointed with Drs. Leonard Soroka, Patricia Duncan, and Roger Gee. Paper presented at the Global Perspective in Higher Education International Conference in China (2007).


Guo-An Diao
Office: HFH 408A
Phone: 267-341-3462