University Publications - Logos

Corporate Author: Holy Family University

Title: Logos

Creator: Philosophy Department

Corporate subject: Holy Family University (Philadelphia, Pa.)--Students--Periodicals.

Subject term: Multi-discipline--Periodicals.

Description: Logos was a journal produced by the philosophy department of Holy Family College. It included scholarly articles and reviews from across the academic disciplines. Most contributors were Holy Family students, but Logos also published articles submitted by students from other institutions.

Scope and Content: Logos was first published in 1962. The Archives maintains copies dating from 1962 to 1976. There are gaps in the holdings, and approximate dates have been assigned to some issues. Portions of Volume I, No. 1 are missing. Alternative titles for the journal included: Logos Ideas of Academic Dialogues; and Logos Journal. This collection also includes two volumes of publications relative to the Logos Lectures Series: “The Story of Logos, 1959-196?” and “The Story of Logos 1964-68.”


  • Volume I, No. 1 January 1962
  • Volume I, No. 2 March 1962
  • Volume II, No. 2 probably published in 1963
  • Volume IV probably published in 1965
  • Volume VI probably published in 1967
  • Volume VII probably published in 1968
  • Logos Journal probably published in 1969
  • Logos 1970
  • Logos 1971
  • Logos 1973
  • Logos Journal probably published in 1974
  • Logos 1975
  • Logos Journal 1976