Donating Material

Donating Collections to Holy Family University Archives

Holy Family University Archives serves as a depository for the records and historical materials of all the offices, divisions, and departments of the university relating to the work of the University, including, but not limited to: correspondence, minutes, interoffice communications, photographs, department records, files on university programs and services, oral histories, publications, organizational records, and faculty papers. University records and historical materials should be transferred to the Archives regularly according to the approved retention and disposition schedule. Guidelines, forms, and other information relevant to university records and files can be accessed using the records management links.

In addition to the university’s records and files, the Archives accepts donations that are consistent with its acquisition policy and guidelines. Read further for additional information regarding donations from students and alumni; administration, faculty, and staff; and external donors.

Note on restricting access to records: Holy Family University Archives discourages unreasonable restrictions on access and use of collections but may accept as a condition of acquisition clearly stated restrictions of limited duration. Occasionally, an archivist may suggest such restrictions to protect privacy. For instance, state and/or federal laws and institutional policies may necessitate certain restrictions. If you have material that you believe contains sensitive information, please discuss options regarding the restriction of records with a university archivist before donating material to the archives.

If you have questions about a possible donation or access restrictions, or if you would like to discuss our deed of gift form, please contact a university archivist.

Donating Guidelines for Students and Alumni

The following types of material are being sought by the archives:

  • Student papers that include personal history or perspective on college life
  • Diaries, journals, and blogs
  • Records of student organizations and student political activity
  • Items related to significant local or national events
  • Photographs documenting Holy Family University events, people, places, etc.
  • Scholarly papers presented at conferences

Please note:

  • Materials can be submitted as electronic files.
  • Photographs can be accepted only if they are properly identified.
  • Routine course assignments should not be donated.
  • Diplomas, certificates, and the like, or three-dimensional objects (i.e. caps and gowns, etc.) should not be donated.

Donating Guidelines for Administration, Faculty, and Staff

Collections of administration, faculty, and staff papers and other works (published or unpublished) will be listed as part of our manuscript collections. Scholarly works, including monographs, articles, conference papers, etc., will be included with the faculty publications collection.

The following types of material are being sought by the archives:

  • Teaching materials, including lecture notes, course syllabi, assignments, lab manuals, etc.
  • Diaries, journals, memoirs, and blogs related to personal or professional activities
  • One copy of reprints, publications, and technical reports
  • One digital file of broadcasts, interviews, performances, etc. conducted in the course of personal or professional activities
  • Final drafts of unpublished work, speeches, and presentations
  • Photographs of professors, colleagues, staff, and general views of campus life and activities
  • Research materials and notes that are legible and well organized
  • Correspondence and other documents related to professional or research organizations

Please note:

  • Materials can be submitted as electronic files.
  • Photographs can be accepted only if they are properly identified.
  • Diplomas, certificates, and the like, or three-dimensional objects should not be donated.

External Donors

Holy Family University Archives occasionally accepts donations of personal papers, organizational records, and other materials from those unaffiliated with Holy Family. Such material will be accepted only if it relates to current academic programs at Holy Family or if it complements collections already in the University Archives. Two such collections are the Historic Pennsylvania Collection (particularly material relevant to Northeast Philadelphia) and the CSFN collection.