Alcohol and Drug Policy


No alcohol or controlled substances of any kind will be tolerated on campus. The possession, use, or distribution of alcohol, illegal substances, or paraphernalia associated with such by students on campus or at campus-related activities is strictly forbidden. Failure to comply with this regulation may result in disciplinary action, as will intoxication, disorderliness, or offensive behavior that may be related to the use of alcohol or drugs. Possible sanctions include suspension or expulsion, removal from campus housing and referral for prosecution.

Any monies paid by the student (e.g., tuition, fees, etc.) will be forfeited. Students appearing for Commencement exercises who are in violation of this policy shall be denied participation in the ceremonies. Students are guilty through association if they are present while a policy is being violated.

Additional repercussions may be implied for athletes to satisfy NCAA regulations.

Holy Family University is committed to providing students with the tools necessary to achieve the greatest level of personal and academic success.

For additional details and information concerning the University's policies on alcohol and drug use as well as related support services consult the Student Handbook available on the website at