Responsibilities of Students

Holy Family University students bear a certain level of responsibility for the high-quality academic and interpersonal environment at Holy Family University. To ensure adequate communication and to protect students’ rights, the following responsibilities are enumerated:

  1. Students are responsible to know and observe all regulations and policies of Holy Family University. To this end, students are expected to consult University and school publications (e.g., catalogs, handbooks, course brochures) as well as the website for all relevant regulations, dates, times, and deadlines pertaining to academic programs and services as well as degree completion.
  2. All students must obtain an ID card. A valid ID card is required for use of the Library, computer facilities, and building access. Students are expected to have their IDs with them at all times.
  3. Students are expected to meet all financial responsibilities in order to continue in coursework and complete degree requirements.
  4. Students are encouraged to save all catalogs and course syllabi. The University will not be responsible for providing students with more than a course description for any given course subsequent to completion of the course and/or degree program.
  5. Students are expected to obtain handbooks and other materials prepared and distributed by the respective schools of concentration and to familiarize themselves with program, certification, and licensure requirements as presented in these publications. Each student is required to understand and adhere to the prerequisites, criteria, and procedures for field and practicum placements, student teaching, and clinical and internship experiences.