Great Day to be a Tiger | Tiger Talks

Great Day to be a Tiger - Tiger Talks

Modeled on TED Talks, Tiger Talks will feature Holy Family speakers presenting timely, focused topics to members of the University community.

2020 Tiger Talks will announced as we approach the date of our next Great Day to be a Tiger event

Here are the Tiger Talk events from our 2019 Great Day to be a Tiger event...

Networking Panel Discussion - Campus Center Room 115
J. Barry Dickinson, PhD
Dean, School of Business Administration

This panel, led by Dr. Barry Dickinson from the School of Business Administration (SBA), and featuring SBA faculty, will focus on the importance of networking.

The Problem with the Problem of Immigration - Holy Family Hall Auditorium (Room 109)
Daniel Bramer, PhD
Assistant Professor, School of Arts & Sciences

This talk examines the debate on the current immigration crisis, and shows that both sides in the debate are failing to appreciate the deeper and more insidious underlying causes leading to the need for emigration/immigration. Dr. Bramer will show that we have certain ethical obligations to those around us and often ignore the deep ethical duties facing us in favor of more superficial responses that often serve either to delay or else to exacerbate the real problems that should be addressed.

Intentional Goal Setting and Mindfulness - Education and Technology Center Auditorium
Angela Cutchineal, MSHE, '06
Director of Experiential Learning

This talk will explore how setting goals and sticking to them can alter the trajectory of one’s life. Ms. Cutchineal will share her own experiences with intentionality and the power of being mindful in social situations, as a spiritual being, and with financial and career goals.

Think Like an Entrepreneur - Campus Center Room 115
Donald R. Goeltz, DPS
Associate Professor, School of Business Administration

This talk follows Dr. Goeltz’s own experience first as an entrepreneur, then as a teacher of entrepreneurship, and finally arriving at the realization that entrepreneurial thinking is a core concept. Dr. Goeltz will present five steps to start thinking like an entrepreneur.

Building Your Future: 4 Pillars to Winning in School and Life - Holy Family Hall Room 213
Todd Logan, EdD
Adjunct Professor, School of Business Administration

This talk will discuss the four pillars of Responsibility, Direction, Preparation, and Empowerment.

Understanding MS-13 and Violence in Central America - Holy Family Hall Auditorium (Room 109)
Jonathan Rosen, PhD
Assistant Professor, School of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Rosen will present his research on Salvadoran Street gangs, which explores the issue of immigration from the perspective of people fleeing violence.

Be Who You Are and Be That Well - Education and Technology Center Auditorium
Kristin Sagedy, MSN, RN, CEN
Full-time Instructor, School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions

This talk will explore the words of St. Francis deSales, their origins in Kristin’s life and the impact they have on her journey.

What I've Learned from the Students I've Taught - Holy Family Hall Room 213
Claire Sullivan, EdD
Professor, School of Education

Dr. Sullivan will present her experiences, insights, and perspectives gained from nearly five decades of teaching.