Great Day to be a Tiger | Tiger Talks

Great Day to be a Tiger - Tiger Talks

Modeled on TED Talks, Tiger Talks will feature Holy Family speakers presenting timely, focused topics to members of the University community.

Here are the Tiger Talks for our 2020 Great Day to be a Tiger event...

Combined Double Session  (2:00 - 3:30 pm)

Dear Recovery: You saved my life

ETC Auditorium

Patrick McElwaine, PsyD
Assistant Professor, School of Arts & Sciences
Professor, Graduate Counseling Psychology Department

This talk will focus on stigma, addiction, and recovery. Dr. McElwaine will share his own experiences with addiction and recovery.

“I believe anything we can do to diminish the stigma of addiction and mental illness should be done. The primary way to do this is through open communication. The more discussions and conversations we can have on this subject, the more knowledge we gain and the stronger the chance for positive change. Recovery is something to be proud of. Recovery from a perceived failure or weakness means that I can turn it into a strength. I want people to know my story. I want people to know you can be very successful in recovery. I wouldn't change my life with anybody, and I don't know if I would have said that 10 years ago.”

Session 1 (2:00 - 2:45 pm)

How I learned to teach

HFH 109

Daniel Bramer, PhD
Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies

This talk will highlight Dr. Bramer’s ongoing journey as a student and educator; and will explore the people, lessons, and discoveries most influential in his development. It will also reveal how the most unpleasant teaching appointment of his life became the most radically transformative.

Getting to hello: How to make a good impression

CC 115

J. Barry Dickinson, PhD
Dean, School of Business Administration

Drs. Dickinson and Purcell will present ideas from social graces to social networking to help people land or keep their dream job.  This includes preparing for a meeting or networking event, getting ready for the "big event," shaking hands with confidence, working the room, and post-meeting/event to-do's.

The "4th Trimester": Understanding and improving the postpartum experience for mothers and families

HFH 213

Alexa Bonacquisti, PhD
Assistant Professor, School of Arts & Sciences

In this talk, Dr. Bonacquisti will discuss the physical and psychological experiences of mothers during the postpartum period, commonly referred to as the "4th trimester." She will describe personal perspectives and present her research in this area, exploring how we can improve the understanding and recognition of the postpartum experience to address the unmet needs of parents and families.

Session 2 (3:00 - 3:45 pm)

The Art of networking

CC 115

Jim Bennett, '82 - Sr. Vice President and General Counsel at Ellucian
Karen Fox, '94, '08 - Head of University Relations at Vanguard

This discussion will explore unique tips and best practices for networking and building meaningful connections. The conversation will go beyond traditional networking practices and address relevant issues/challenges today. Participants will look forward to learning more about topics related to building an effective online presence, making meaningful connections virtually and the idea of leading with a mindset of “giving” rather than “getting” to maximize impact and grow one’s network.

Essential oils for health and happiness

HFH 213

Margaret Kelly, MA
Vice President for Mission

Essential oils are aromatic, concentrated plant extracts that are carefully obtained through steam distillation, cold pressing, or resin tapping. Essential oils have enhanced lives for thousands of years, offering a variety of benefits from cosmetic and dietary purposes to spiritual and religious use. Come hear about how you can use oils every day for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation.

Personal finance for young adults

HFH 109

Karl Malaszczyk, Esq. CPA/PFS
Assistant Professor of Accounting and Law

This talk will give a brief description of various personal finance topics for college students and young adults. The discussion will include issues like savings, credit cards, debt management, taxation, insurance, and retirement planning. Advice for your first job including important decisions that are made in the employer's human resources office will be covered. Get your roadmap for success now!