What is Marketing? Just Ask Dr. Donald Goeltz

Attendees at a recent SCORE Bucks County event were able to learn about marketing and its transformation over the past 50 years courtesy of Dr. Donald Goeltz, Associate Professor in the School of Business Administration and Extended Learning.

As a member of SCORE Bucks County, Goeltz has been active in counseling startups and small businesses, as well as meeting with over 20 clients throughout the year. The services are free and confidential. Businesses range from a machine shop in Bristol to a youth band in Perkasie to a yarn distributor in Doylestown. Individuals utilize SCORE Bucks County meetings to learn, ask questions, and receive further counseling sessions.

"The seminar attendees seemed to enjoy the overview of the history of marketing, the description of the current impact of digital, search, and social media on marketing, and my view of a more digital future,” Goeltz said. “My contribution to SCORE is returned many times over by working with the entrepreneurs and small businesses. It also keeps me grounded in the classroom, as these are real businesses, not just textbook cases."

SCORE National was formed 50 years ago as resource partner to the Small Business Administration to help aspiring and existing businesses. SCORE Bucks County has served small businesses in Bucks County for over 25 years and includes 54 active volunteers, counseling offices in Fairless Hills, Doylestown, and Quakertown, over 1,500 client services yearly, 25 seminars/webinars annually, and 5,300 regular subscribers to newsletters.