Tett’s Volleyball Prowess Leads Her to HFU

Rebecca Tett - Holy Family UniversityHoly Family University wasn’t exactly the first college that popped into Rebecca Tett’s mind when deciding where to continue her athletic career since she lived in Leesburg, Virginia.

“I first heard about Holy Family after playing in a volleyball tournament,” she said. “The coaches emailed my parents about bringing me up for a visit. I had never heard of Holy Family before—I actually sort of blew them off. The coaches followed up again and a few months later I decided to visit. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did. I came up for an official visit during the start of volleyball season, and the second I stepped on campus I knew I belonged here. It was just the right size for me, where I could be a name and not just a number. It had volleyball, the degree I wanted, and most importantly, if I decided not to play volleyball anymore, I would still love the school.”

Tett, a 2012 graduate with a degree in Management & Marketing with a minor in Computer Management Information Systems, is currently the Director of Communications for River Bend Golf & Country Club in Great Falls, Virginia.

Not knowing what her true calling was, Tett struggled to find a major she was passionate about.

“Going into college, I didn’t know what I wanted to do,” she said. “I changed my mind numerous times, but in the end, I knew I wanted to study business. With the business major, I got to experience classes in accounting, management, and marketing. About halfway through college, I realized I liked marketing and wanted to possibly do something in that area. Taking the computer classes helped me with programming and web design, which has ultimately translated over into my current position.”

As Director of Communications, no two days are the same for Tett. Whether it is prepping digital, email, and print marketing materials, preparing monthly newsletters, designing and administering email campaigns, our assisting with on-site events, Tett is busy experiencing every aspect of marketing at the popular country club.

“Every day I use a variety of marketing and computer skills that I learned from Holy Family University,” she said. “Website and office application classes help with my digital and email marketing campaigns and the marketing classes, especially consumer marketing, help me with targeting the right division of membership to gear a flyer towards. Holy Family opened the door that allowed me to realize that I can do anything with my business degree.”

Tett’s decision to follow a business degree led her to meet Dr. Bernice Purcell, Associate Dean and Associate Professor of the School of Business Administration and Extended Learning. Tett credits Purcell as one of her influences for success in the classroom.

“Everyone in the Business School was influential—they all showed me that you can do anything with a degree in business,” Tett said. “One professor that stands out in particular is Dr. Purcell. She was very attentive to her students in and out of the classroom. She wants everyone to succeed. I always loved going to her classes during my time at Holy Family. I even asked her to write me a recommendation letter for my MBA application!”