Active Shooter Awareness Program on Sept. 26

Holy Family University’s Public Safety Department, in conjunction with the Philadelphia FBI, will host an Active Shooter Awareness Program on Monday, September 26, at 9:30 am in the ETC Auditorium.

The program will be conducted by FBI Special Agent Joseph F. Metzinger, Campus Liaison Agent, Active Shooter Program Coordinator for the Philadelphia FBI.

The event will cover topics such as defining an active shooter, active threat, and hostile event, as well as what separates these from traditional criminal actions. Participants will also learn how active shooters and active threats can range from workplace violence matters to the targeting of campuses, schools, and other entities. The Run, Hide, Fight method will also be discussed.

“I think this is a very important and needed presentation for Holy Family University, especially in today's trend of violence on campuses around the country,” said Joseph McBride, Director of Public Safety. “Holy Family University needs to know that it can happen here. We need to be prepared to react to the situation quickly in the proper manner to minimize loss of life.”

The event is open to all members of campus. The presentaion will be streamed to the Woodhaven and Newtown sites.