Glen Foerd-HFU Speaker Series: Philadelphia: The Industrial Metropolis

When Philadelphia was the “Workshop to the World,” the Sellers family numbered among the city’s leading industrial families, developing canals, railroads, and manufacturing goods ranging from textiles to steel frames for bridges and skyscrapers. As Philadelphia deindustrialized in the 20th century, the Sellers family fortunes also declined. Dr. Domenic Vitiello, an urban historian from the University of Pennsylvania, will examine the rise and fall of Philadelphia as an industrial metropolis through a focus on the Sellers family and their network of associates.

The event will take place in the ETC Auditorium on Thursday, November 10, at 7 pm.

The lecture is part of the Glen Foerd-Holy Family University Speaker Series that showcases topics of area cultural and historical interest. The series invites a distinguished speaker to Holy Family University each semester for a lecture on a topic in American history from the War of 1812 through the early 20th century, which is the period of time interpreted by Glen Foerd on the Delaware, the historic house museum located a few blocks from campus. All lectures are free and open to the public.