School of Business Administration Presents at NABET Conference

Dr. Jan Buzydlowski, Assistant Professor, Dr. Don Goeltz, Associate Professor, and Dr. Bernice Purcell, Associate Dean and Associate Professor of the School of Business Administration, presented at the 39th Annual Northeastern Associate of Business, Economics, and Technology (NABET) Conference on October 27-28 in State College, Pa.

The Northeastern Association of Business, Economics, and Technology, formerly known as The Association of Pennsylvania University Business and Economics Faculty, originated in the late 1970s, providing an opportunity for interested economics and business professors to meet and discuss their research and controversial issues in business education and in the state government of Pennsylvania. NABET offers opportunities, primarily in the Northeastern states, for the faculty of colleges and universities to engage in the exchange of their research by presentation at the NABET Conference.

Dr. Buzydlowski presented with James Pomykalski of Susquehanna University. Their presentation, “Comparing and Contrasting Systems Analysis Methodologies with Data Analytic Frameworks,” described the parallels between the systems development lifecycle and similar lifecycles common for data mining and data-exploration systems for the purpose of developing a hybrid methodology and supporting modeling tools for a more comprehensive and rich developmental environment for data analytics.

Dr. Don Goeltz and Dr. Bernice Purcell presented a paper in process entitled “Critical Thinking in Capstone Courses.” Their presentation detailed their efforts to judge course inputs—particularly textbooks—with regard to how well the texts support development of critical thinking capabilities in students.

“This conference is a growing regional conference that provides a chance to present to our peers from colleges and universities similar to ours,” the group said. “The collegiality, sharing of experiences, and opportunity to learn from each other made this an excellent experience."