Holy Family University Outfitted with Energy Efficient LED Lightbulbs

If things seem a bit brighter on Holy Family University’s campus, look up. The University is in the middle of a lighting renovation project that will replace old halogen lightbulbs and fixtures with energy efficient LED bulbs.

During the course of the three-month project, over 5,000 lightbulbs will be replaced with LED lights. The renovations began around December 16 and will conclude sometime in April. The LED lighting project will reduce Holy Family University’s electrical energy consumption by at least 1.3 million kWh annually, reducing annual utilities cost by approximately $200,000. The University will receive a one-time rebate from PECO because of the change, which will amount to approximately $70,000.

“The lighting renovation was a necessary project and one that we wanted to complete in the new year,” said Jim Trusdell, Vice President for Finance and Administration. “The benefits of LED lightbulbs, both from an academic and financial perspective, are well documented. We’re glad to be working with all of our partners on this project to bring more energy-efficient lighting to Holy Family University.”

This project is a coordinated effort between Holy Family University, Opterra Energy Services, Evolution Energy Partners, and PNC Bank. The installation is being completed by Armour & Sons Electric, Inc. out of Langhorne, PA. Armour & Sons is affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and is a member of many electrical organizations, including the National Electrical Contractors Association, the Electrical Association of Philadelphia, and Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI).

LED lights use 30 percent less energy than the old halogen lightbulbs and are made of a plastic material, providing more safety in the event a bulb was to break in a high traffic area. The increased lighting will also improve lighting around campus walkways and near university security cameras. Studies have shown that students who learn in classrooms with full-spectrum LED lighting experience less stress and anxiety, improved behavior and attitudes, improved health and attendance, and increased performance and academic achievement.