Getting to Know: Dr. Alexandra Adams

Alex AdamsTasked with managing enrollment strategies for Holy Family University, Dr. Alexandra Adams details what enticed her to the position, what she would like to complete in her first 90 days, and what some of her favorite summertime hobbies are in her first sit down interview with Holy Family University.

HFU: Can you tell me about your background and how you ended up in the enrollment side of higher education?

AA: “I have worked in higher education since earning my undergraduate degree 25 years ago. After a short stint in development, I served as Assistant to the President/Chief of Staff at a college, and in that role, I was the primary research assistant for the President.

This included researching enrollment and retention for the college, as well as state and national trends—an assignment that ignited my interest in the enrollment management model of higher education. After demonstrating my abilities as Chief of Staff for nine years, I was promoted to Vice President for Student Affairs, which included all enrollment and student affairs functions at the institution.”

HFU: What attracted you to the Vice President of Enrollment Services position at Holy Family University?

AA: “I was looking to move into a vice presidential position, specifically at a private institution—one that had a mission that focused on impacting and empowering the lives of its students. I found that Holy Family University’s mission to ‘educate students to assume lifelong responsibilities towards God, society, and self’ fit perfectly with what I was seeking.”

HFU: What are some goals that you’d like to meet in your first few months?

AA: “Right now I am getting to know the Holy Family University family to better understand our programmatic offerings and internal processes. I also want to get to know our students and to better understand why they chose Holy Family University. Also, what were the major factors that influenced their decision to attend the university? Most importantly, within the first 90 days, I would like to have the Strategic Enrollment Management Committee in place and actively driving the enrollment planning process on campus.”

HFU: Outside of the office, what do you like to do for fun?

AA: “I love to bike, hike, and exercise. Travel, music, sports, and photography are some of my favorite things to do for fun—from attending a Philadelphia Orchestra concert, to watching a Phillies game along the third base line on a warm summer day, to hiking in Zion National Park in Utah with my camera around my neck. My philosophy is, life is a gift, live each day to its fullest and make a difference.”