Weiss Turns Internship into Full-Time Job at Deloitte

Michael Weiss sizedAs Michael Weiss prepares for his upcoming graduation, he’ll bypass the cumbersome process of applying and interviewing for jobs in his field. The dual major in Accounting and Finance has secured a full-time position at Deloitte Tax LLP following the conclusion of his internship with the company this semester.

As a tax intern focusing on Business Tax Services, Weiss was required to complete a wide variety of tax and other professional training services, assist with tax research projects, and prepare numerous state and federal tax returns.

“I also attended ‘Deloitte University,’ the company’s 1,000-acre leadership facility located in Westlake, Texas, where I engaged in leadership conferences and took part in team building activities with other professionals from around the country,” Weiss said. “I took part in numerous community service projects with the company during the course of my internship.”

Weiss’ hard work earned him a position as a Tax Consultant following his graduation from Holy Family University. In this role, he will be responsible for preparing corporate federal and state tax returns and provide supporting analysis. He will also assist in solving complex tax questions and staying up to date with all the changes in the tax world.

“I was honored and proud,” Weiss said about receiving the employment opportunity. “Deloitte is an amazing, successful, and prominent company in the professional services industry. I knew that I put a great deal of time and effort into completing my assigned projects during my internship, and I was hopeful and optimistic that I would be given the opportunity to continue to work with such a great company for many more years in the future. I hope to begin my professional career with challenging but rewarding experiences. I am eager to build professional relationships with co-workers and clients, while helping others to the best of my ability. I want to grow as a professional and one day become a leader.”

As Weiss prepares to enter the workforce, he is thankful to the faculty members in the School of Business Administration who have helped him prepare for this moment during his four-year journey.

"The professors at Holy Family University bring a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge that has greatly facilitated the preparation process for myself,” he said. “Throughout my years here, I have grown to greatly appreciate all the areas of study that I have taken. Holy Family University laid the ground work for my professional career and gave me the necessary skills to prepare me for the challenges ahead.”