Holy Family University Restructures BSBA Program

BSBAHoly Family University has restructured its Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program for the Fall 2017 semester for students who enter the program with a Business Associate’s (A.A. or A.S.). All classes will be held at Holy Family’s Bensalem, PA location.

This new program path will follow a cohort style—students entering the program at the same time will continue to take classes with all of the same students throughout their journey. They will move through the program together, which has been shown to be a benefit for student learning and persistence in completing a degree, according to Robert McNeill, Director of the Division of Extended Learning and Continuing Education.

“A true cohort program, one in which all of the students start at the same time and move through the course sequence as a cohesive group, provides several benefits to the students,” McNeill said. “First, they complete their degree faster. Second, they are taking classes with like-minded individuals who have made the commitment to complete their degree. Third, an exciting group dynamic starts to develop within the cohort. New friendships are forged, informal support systems develop, and by the end of the program, the group is a cohesive unit. From an academic perspective, research has shown that the persistence rate for programs of this type is usually better than 80 percent. For an undergraduate program, this is tremendous.”

Students now entering the revamped BSBA program will take classes in eight-week sessions, with two courses per each session. Each fall, spring, and summer, a unique Weekend Intensive course will be scheduled to continue the acceleration of the degree completion. Students will be offered a fixed tuition for continuous enrollment in order to complete their degree in a scheduled amount of time—20 months—thus truly ensuring an accelerated path to a bachelor’s degree. Classes will only be offered in the evening, enabling students to continue to work or gain employment while they complete their degree.

“One of the greatest challenges for adult students today, perhaps all students, is being able to determine the total cost of their education,” McNeill said. “The tuition lock allows students to do just that—project their tuition costs through the completion of their program. It is a very positive aspect in the adult higher education world.”

Courses will feature a blended format, meaning that five out of the eight weeks of class will have face-to-face classroom experiences with members of the faculty and their fellow cohort classmates. The other three weeks, classes will be online, providing flexibility for the students. Summer sessions, required to complete the 20-month path, will be offered online to allow those in the cohort maximum vacation and learning flexibility.

Students transferring credits without an associate’s degree will be able to join a cohort as their academic progression permits.

“The restructuring of the program with the additional benefits is intended to raise awareness of HFU's adult student friendly nature and provide a solid education accelerated degree completion alternative to the adult students in our area,” McNeill said.