Meles Interns with US Department of State

Image of HFU student Naftali MelesJunior Naftali Meles has spent his semester at the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), interning with the US Department of State through its Pathways Internship Program.

The psychology major is training to be a Contract Specialist in the Industrial Hardware sector of the DLA in Philadelphia, with the goal to secure a permeant position upon graduation. In his role, Meles reviews and bids out federal contracts to competing vendors.

“I work in Industrial Hardware, where we support the military with anything related to hardware—nuts, bolts, screws—and supply these to the troops who need them,” Meles said. “There are five departments that the DLA supports: clothing and textiles, construction and equipment, industrial hardware, medical, and subsistence. I began in clothing and textiles over the summer, and have since been recruited for industrial hardware. This program has the potential to be a permanent position once I graduate from Holy Family University.”

According to the Defense Logistic Agency’s website, “The origins of the Defense Logistics Agency date back to World War II when America's huge military buildup required the rapid procurement of vast amounts of munitions and supplies. After the war, a presidential commission headed by former President Herbert Hoover recommended centralizing management of common military logistics support and introducing uniform financial management practices.”

Government work isn’t something new for Meles. His father currently works for the City of Philadelphia, while his brother works at Joint Base McGuire–Dix–Lakehurst in New Jersey.

“My father is a social worker, and my brother works at Joint Base McGuire,” Meles said. “Government work is something that runs in my family and I am happy the position came through. I believe it is a respected career choice that can really lead to serious opportunities later on. The training provided is very versatile and can really be applied to many situations in life, while influencing my learning and skills development.”

His time at Holy Family has been influential during the course of his internship.

“Holy Family University has been the cornerstone that allowed this internship to happen,” Meles said. “The programs I am in and the services that Holy Family provides are very important in this career choice.”