HFU Library Hosts Fourth Annual All-Nighter on April 28

Library sizedThe Holy Family University Library will host its fourth annual All-Nighter on Friday, April 28, spanning into Saturday, April 29. The 24-hour event brings students together to prepare for their final exams, relieve some stress, and enjoy the night among friends.

The Library will be open on April 28 from 7:30 am to April 29 at 4:00 pm, with activities officially kicking off at 8:00 pm on Thursday. Throughout the night there will be ongoing Library support for computers, research, and MLA and APA citations. There will also be designated quiet areas for students.

Announcements will be made hourly about upcoming events and raffles.

“This is the fourth year for our Library All-Nighter and, as usual, we've got all the accommodations ready for our students' last minute needs, including therapy dogs, APA/MLA citation help, and delicious food,” said Shannon Brown, Executive Director of the Library. “There's always a healthy mix of hard work and fun study breaks. Some of the most popular events include the campus-wide scavenger hunt and the ‘midnight’ pizza delivery by Sister Maureen. There is a feeling of camaraderie throughout the night—a sense that we're all in this together. Whether you've got headphones in and are typing away on your research paper, taking a power nap on the bean bag loungers, or procrastinating with your friends, you'll find plenty of support at the Library All-Nighter.”

A full schedule of events is listed below:

8:00 pm

Opening of prayer | Therapy dogs arrive | Face painting | Math Help Desk | Visit by the HFU Tiger | Photo booth                           

9:00 pm

Snack time | Life-size Jenga | Stress relievers                      

10:00 pm

APA Help Desk | Rita’s water ice | Face painting | Pizza                                       

11:00 pm

Dodgeball | Capture the Flag                    

12:00 am

Scavenger Hunt          

1:00 am

Coffee | Coloring contest | Folio reading                                                              

2:00 am – 5:00 am

Study time | Board games | Jenga match | Healthy snacks | Coloring/Stress relievers

6:00 am


7:00 am – 8:00 am

Closing prayer