Holy Family University’s Dr. Roger Gee Creates English Education Book for Chilean Students

RogerGee UNAPHoly Family University School of Education Professor Dr. Roger Gee, graduate division chair and TESOL program coordinator, met with Chilean education professionals from Universidad Arturo Prat (UNAP) on April 19 to discuss the contents of an instructional book that will teach English to Chilean students.

The project, a collaboration between Albright College Spanish Professor Karen Jogan, PhD, nine Albright students, and UNAP, is titled “Art of the English Language Interview: Voices for Global Communication.”

Gee met with project organizer Hernan Pereira, an English language professor at UNAP, and Carolina Astudillo, director of the translation program, to discuss corpus-related activities that could be included in the instructional book, which will be created using audio interviews conducted by UNAP students. The book will provide insights into American culture using authentic, contemporary spoken English, as well as contain cultural notes for reference.

“The main goal of the book is to teach English as a set of integrated skills—reading, writing, listening, and speaking—along with the culture,” Gee said. “A secondary goal was to train a class of Chilean undergraduates in techniques of interviewing. The book will be used as supplementary text at UNAP in three undergraduate programs: The Institutional English Program that is taken by all undergraduates, the Teaching English as a Second Language Program, and the Translation Program. In addition, it will be made available to other universities in Chile.”

An online version will also include audio interviews, exercises, and projects that will be based on a corpus analysis of the transcripts, and will include material from the Corpus of Contemporary American English.

“This text is important because it provides an opportunity for Chilean students to work with contemporary, formal, spoken American English,” Gee said. “Many university students in Chile do not have this opportunity.”