MacKenzie’s Bibliography on Geoffrey Hartman Published by Oxford University Press

Gina MacKenzieDr. Gina MacKenzie, Associate Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, has spent the summer months working on multiple published works. She recently completed a bibliography on Geoffrey Hartman and published a chapter about the Broadway smash hit, Hamilton, for the American Book Review.

Geoffrey Hartman, a literary critic and scholar of Judaic studies was part of the Yale School, which changed the nature of literary studies in the mid-to-late twentieth century by developing and advancing Deconstruction.

“I worked on The Geoffrey Hartman Reader as a graduate student at Temple University, and was contacted by Oxford University Press based on my previous work to submit Hartman’s bibliography,” MacKenzie said. “It was a tedious project, but he was an incredibly interesting man. I also had a student intern, Missy Henry, who assisted me throughout the project. She was my library assistant and was integral to collecting everything about Hartman.”

Happy with the content and quality of the work submitted, Oxford University Press asked MacKenzie to do another bibliography. This time, she chose Julie Kristeva, the French critic and novelist whose theories are the basis for MacKenzie’s next book.

MacKenzie also spent part of her summer publishing a chapter in the latest American Book Review, focusing on musical theatre composer, lyricist, playwright, and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda and his smash hit, Hamilton.

“Jeffrey DiLeo, the Editor of American Book Review, and I have been at conferences together and he asked if I would like to edit and write for the Genius edition of the periodical,” MacKenzie said. “I wanted to take a theatrical approach, so I picked my favorite musical theatre genius, Lin-Manuel Miranda to feature. The research was the most fun scholarship I have done in a long time. It meant listening to the Hamilton every day in my office between meetings.”