Research Subject Pool Fosters Student/Faculty Collaborative Environment

DeCiccoStudents enrolled in the Introduction to Psychology and Quantitative Methods courses this semester will be the first classes to use the new research pool software implemented by the School of Arts and Sciences. The research pool facilitates the process of research participant recruitment using SONA, an online cloud-based system that allows researchers and participants to sign up for and administer research studies.

SONA facilitates and streamlines the subject pool, allowing Holy Family University students and faculty to use the software for participant recruitment. The cloud-based software also permits the Institutional Review Board (IRB) to oversee the process of which studies are permitted to recruit participants. All proposals that request the use of the subject pool will be reviewed, vetted, and evaluated for risk by the IRB. Faculty members from all schools are encouraged to use the subject pool for their research efforts.

“The university as a whole is very interested in enhancing our research environment and the subject pool allows faculty and students to do just that while collecting quality data,” said Dr. Jen DeCicco, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience for the School of Arts and Sciences. “The subject pool will allow faculty the opportunity to collect data readily. Additionally, students in the honors program conduct research projects in their senior year and may also utilize the subject pool. The development of the subject pool allows for Holy Family University to open a new chapter of research opportunities for faculty and students.”

Research opportunities will vary semester to semester. After the successful completion of a research project, honors students will work towards creating posters and oral presentations for Scholar's Week and the SEPCHE Honor's Conference. Students will also be encouraged to submit and present their work at local and national conferences.

“In the past, faculty had to seek out other mediums to conduct research, usually off campus or through online methods,” DeCicco said. “The subject pool will allow faculty to collect data on campus, making the research process much more accessible for faculty and students to work on projects together. Not only will this allow faculty to pursue their programs of research, but it will also allow student researchers to have a great experience too.”