Getting to Know: Marianne Price

MariannePrice sizedTo continue to keep Holy Family University at the forefront of Title IX regulations across its three locations, the University announced the hiring of Marianne Price as Title IX Coordinator. Price joins Holy Family University after six years at the Association of Title IX Administrators, serving as Associate Executive Director.  With a robust background in the field, Price’s experience has prepared her for the changing regulations across college and universities. Price sat down with Holy Family University to discuss how she became interested in the field, what her goals are at HFU, and her favorite sports teams to cheer on in Philadelphia.

HFU: Can you tell us more about your background and how you made your way to Holy Family University?

MP: “I was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, and attended the University of Central Arkansas. While there, I earned a Master’s degree in Higher Education Leadership and a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communications. As a graduate student, I was privileged to take a trip abroad with my Cohort, traveling to Eastern Europe for a few weeks, studying higher education in other cultures. It was a trip that allowed me to really better understanding my passion for human rights, social justice, and equitable pathways to education for all.”

“I come to Holy Family University after spending six years as an executive team member for the Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA), a professional home for school and college Title IX Coordinators and Administrators, Prevention Educators, Advocates, and Investigators serving educational communities across the country. As the Associate Executive Director, I provided support to these school and college administrators in their Title IX and gender equity compliance and training efforts. As the national conversation around sexual assault on campuses continued and the roles of administrators expanded to assure Title IX compliance, I helped lead the field in the development and implementation of new model policies and procedures, training and programming content, and compliance tools to assure coordinators and investigators could do their jobs effectively.”

HFU: What interested you in this type of career?

MP: “I took a pretty traditional pathway into student affairs work, first as a Resident Assistant, and then as a Graduate Residence Hall Coordinator. I thought I wanted to work in housing and residence life for my career because I loved watching students make connections and find their path to success living on campus. When I moved to Philadelphia in 2011, I wanted to stay in higher education but was really looking for a new challenge. At that time, the Obama Administration was opening the conversation regarding Title IX, issuing new guidance to institutions of higher education to start thinking more critically about the support of victims of sexual assault and how practitioners could re-envision policies and procedures for gender-based discrimination on-campus. I can honestly say I just fell into this work.”

“There was a risk management firm in Berwyn, Pennsylvania that was looking to create a professional home for Title IX administrators in schools across the nation and my higher education experience was helpful to them. When I started my role at ATIXA, I had no idea where it would take me but the national landscape of Title IX has been growing, changing, and developing over the past many years. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the work from the very beginning. I have been working with Title IX Coordinators and Administrators for years, and I respect so much the selfless work they are doing on campuses across the country. I was ready to do the work on a campus and wanted to be an active part of the process. I want to be a voice for students, faculty, staff, and our community, and help our institution do what matters most.”

HFU: How has Title IX legalities changed over the past couple years and how do college and universities respond to these changes?

MP: “The landscape of Title IX has changed a lot just in the past few weeks. During the Obama Administration, there was guidance issued in 2011 and 2014 that expanded our knowledge base on how schools and campuses should be addressing sexual assault and what things should be in place—training plans, Title IX Coordinators, prevention tools—to assure students know their rights and what Title IX is. A few weeks ago, the Trump Administration rescinded much of that guidance, and we anticipate new guidance will be coming soon. So, the legal landscape is always changing when it comes to Title IX.”

“What has not changed is the requirement for schools and college campuses to have a Title IX Coordinator and for policies and procedures that address sexual misconduct to be in place. My role is important in assuring our campus is in compliance with Title IX and that our entire campus community understands what rights they have under the law and how Holy Family University will respond to sexual violence. Even with a legal landscape unknown, the University is making compliance a priority and wants to truly do the best is can do for its students. That is why I chose to come here.”

HFU: What are some goals you’d like to establish for Holy Family University in your new position?

MP: “While I am still learning my way around a bit and understanding what needs we have, my role will be focused on expanding our Title IX training efforts, assuring compliance with national regulations, developing a Title IX strategic plan, and assessing current policies and procedures. I want to create standards in training current and new employees and students and expand on our policies. I hope to collaborate with the campus community through a Title IX committee, plan to assess our ADA compliance through assessment, and want to guide our campus to a more inclusive space for all types of students. Ultimately, I will have to follow the national dialogue and legislative changes surrounding Title IX compliance, and will lead our campus in response.”

“It is my goal to create a supportive campus culture that fosters a safe space for reporting for our students and want to move our community forward through training, leadership, and programmatic opportunities that focus beyond compliance, and help guide our commitment to this work on our campus.”

HFU: Do you have any hobbies you like to do for fun outside of Holy Family?

MP: “My wife and I absolutely love living in Philadelphia and we embrace all it has to offer. I love Philadelphia sports, so you can usually find us attending a game cheering on the Eagles, Flyers, Sixers, Soul, or Phillies! We are big foodies, so I love checking out a new restaurant or attending a brewery opening. We are involved in our community youth programs and enjoy giving back in any way we can. If we are not out and about attending a festival or concert, we are usually in the backyard hanging with our favorite little man, our miniature dachshund Jackson.”