Price Presents at Sixth Annual ATIXA/SCOPE National Conference

MariannePrice sizedMarianne Price, Title IX Coordinator, presented at The Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA) and the School and College Organization for Prevention Educators (SCOPE) sixth annual Joint National Conference, held in Philadelphia from October 2-5.

ATIXA and SCOPE hosted a joint conference to underscore the essential fusion of compliance and prevention in any conversation about campus sexual violence.

Price facilitated a session titled, Starting the Conversation: Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Issues in Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response. She also presented a concurrent session titled, The Voiceless.

The Voiceless came into fruition following the We Are Survivors film produced by Vanessa McNeal and PLVTO Pros,” Price said. “That short featured the stories of eight survivors of sexual violence. Viewers were in disbelief when they saw that one of the subjects in the film was male. They were shocked because we live in a society that doesn’t acknowledge that sexual violence happens to men. That disbelief inspired the creation of a documentary solely about men. This film is the first step to changing the culture and conversation surrounding sexual violence and who it happens to. This session offered a screening of the documentary and facilitated discussion on how practitioners can give a voice to male survivors.”

The conference welcomes a large group each year, all professionals currently servicing campuses, schools, or organizations in Title IX and prevention work. Sessions focus on Title IX hot topics, the changing legal landscape, best practices, and ways in which to expand and improve the group’s work.

“This conference is very beneficial to administrators like myself working in Title IX, as it is one of the only available on national scale that really offers specific discussions, sessions, and presentations specific to this work,” she said. “As I look to build a Title IX office here at Holy Family, I was able to attend sessions that really focused on my goals, creating training programs, developing campus climate surveys, and how to best engage students in our policy and procedures development. I was also able to continue building my professional network, especially here in Philadelphia, connecting with other administrators doing this work so that we can collaborate our efforts.” 

“The landscape of Title IX is ever changing, and the trends lead us to believe that states may be getting more involved in development of legislation. I anticipate seeing Pennsylvania propose laws for our state that helps guide our response and prevention to sexual violence in schools and on college campuses.”