First Annual PsyD Counseling Psychology Fall Ethics Forum

The Doctorate of Counseling Psychology program is hosting its first annual Fall 2017 Ethics Forum on Tuesday, November 14, in the Newtown Campus Cafeteria, from 7:30 pm – 9 pm. The event, “Multiple Relationships & Multicultural Issues of Special Populations,” will feature a panel Q&A, as well as feature professionals who specialize in Substance Abuse and Correctional Counseling Populations, Marriage, Family, Youth and School Based Populations, and Intellectual and Physical Disabilities.

Students from the School Counseling, Marriage and Family Counseling, Clinical Counseling, Art Therapy Counseling, and Clinical Mental Health master’s programs will also be speaking about their poster presentations.

“I was preparing for teaching my first doctoral level course, Professional Identity and Ethical Practice in Counseling Psychology, and was thinking of an assignment that would help to develop the cohort as a group, create an activity for application of the American Psychological Association's ethical code, allow the students the opportunity to present to an audience in an area that is important to our field, and include the counseling psychology community,” said Dr. Diane Menago, Director of Clinical Training, Associate Professor for the Graduate Counseling Psychology Department.

“I also felt that it was important for our doctoral students to have an opportunity to become engaged with our Master's level students as potential mentors. The doctoral students have exceeded my expectations and have handled everything from going into the Master's level students’ classes to encourage participation in the poster session, creating the marketing materials, identifying the theme, and developing it into a forum.”

One of those doctoral students, Melissa Genn, said that the theme was a collaborative effort after the cohort reviewed the American Psychological Association's ethical standards and decided that the section regarding multiple relationships was a consistent issue that deserved attention.

“Since our forum was targeting the Master's level students’ needs, we thought about their identified program focus and how to best engage the audience,” she said. “We thought the common thread of multiple relationships and working with multicultural populations would be consistent across the program. The use of role plays of ethical dilemmas that might be experienced during field placement would make it more concrete and applicable of what could be expected.”

Program Details
Introduction/Fall Ethics Forum Chairs
Ray Fearon, MS
Melissa Genn, MS, LBS

Substance Abuse and Correctional Counseling Populations
T-Ana Carpenter, MA
Sanjay Deendyal, MA
Clyde S. King, MS, LPC

Marriage, Family, Youth and School Based Populations
Melissa Genn, MS, LBS
Ray Fearon, MS

Intellectual and Physical Disabilities
Priscilla Clinkscales, MS
Madeline Meade, MS

Student poster presentations

Greta Giunta
Natalie Szarak
Presentation: Suicide Prevention

Vickie Weikel
Jacquelyn Koellner
Presentation: Underprivileged Mental Illness

Johnathan Ertwine
Alyssa Mikulski 
Presentation: Transgender Rights

Amy Brandt
Christine Rea
Presentation: Euthanasia

Sabrina Edmund-Tucker
Candice Wood
Presentation: Sexual Harassment

Samantha Jakus
Dianne Furphy
Lesha Liberato
Presentation: Ethical Issues/Multicultural Issues within Art Therapy Profession

Christina Atkinson
Danielle Doney
Tiara Sierra
Presentation: Stigma on Chronic Mental Illness