Buzydlowski Participates in Computer Science Educators Panel

buzydlowski sizedDr. Jan Buzydlowski, Assistant Professor for the School of Business Administration, was a member of the Computer Science Educators Panel at Princeton University on December 7. Buzydlowski spoke about the use of data analysis as part of computational thinking and the use of specialized software for that purpose.

As part of the Computer Science Education Week celebration, the Princeton Joint Chapter, ACM/IEEE Computer Society, presented a panel of computer science educators to speak on various topics about teaching computational thinking at various levels.

In addition to Buzydlowski, panelists included Arta Szathmary, Professor Emeritus from Bucks County Community College, Rebecca Mercuri, Visiting Professor from Drew University and the head of Notable Software, and Daryl Detrick, a Computer Science teacher at Warren Hills Regional High School in Washington, NJ. Detrick is also the past president of the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) of Central New Jersey.

“The talks ranged from the state of New Jersey's efforts to include computer science education in high schools, to hands-on exercises for grade school students, to the use of gaming and data analysis in the Python Programming Language at the university level,” Buzydlowski said. “I focused on the latter, showing the use of various libraries, notably NumPy, Matplotlib, and Pandas, and the development platform, Jupyter.”

Buzydlowski’s presentation, titled “Computational Thinking: Data Analysis: The Third Tenor” focused on the need to include data organization, analysis, and visualization as a major component of computational thinking. He also spoke to the use of various platforms and libraries within the Statistical Programming and Visualization course he teaches, as part of the Business Intelligence degree curriculum.