January Art Gallery: Jed Williams

Jed Williams sizedHoly Family University Art Gallery Presents My Colors, My Joy, paintings by Jed Williams

Exhibit: January 10-30, 2018
Artist Talk and Reception: Tuesday, January 16, 5 pm – 7 pm

The Holy Family University Art Gallery is pleased to present My Colors, My Joy, a collection of paintings by Jed Williams.

A Philadelphia painter, Williams presents recent abstract works that explore the way color, mark-making, and texture can redeem the darker aspects of the mind's soul-searching in today's disjointed world, allowing us to find joy in the mundane. Williams brings an intense, spiritual quality to his work that stems from a purely emotional impulse. A busily, effulgent mix of terse brushstrokes, his paintings reconcile the chaotic atmosphere we live in with a deeply felt preoccupation and devotion to his pure painter's craft, blending an outsider artist's mind with academic diligence, while playfully yet intensely transforming abstract painting into a spiritual exercise during this complex moment in America.

Williams graduated from the University of the Arts and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Since 2010 he also owns and runs Jed Williams Gallery, a contemporary fine arts venue, showcasing local, mostly visual 2-D, emerging and mid-career artists, along with his own art process.

Williams has exhibited in solo and group capacity at numerous galleries and art venues in Pennsylvania, Florida, New York, and Oregon.

From the artist: “I work on my images in different kinds of media: oil paint, acrylic, mixed media; my art stems from a wish to blend a more formalist, expressionistic abstract tradition with a conceptual quest nourished by my interest in the human figure, pop and mythological culture, and different forms of spirituality, along with a dose of whimsy and street art.”

“The images I make simultaneously stem from intense inner turmoil and wonder expressing itself in his fascination with certain objects, images, and symbols, which I observe and work from. The objects, images, and symbols I choose to work from possess ‘loaded’ meanings, as well as symbolic, societal, and cultural connotations. I am juxtaposing and associating ciphers of meaning by physically bringing these objects, images, and symbols together in seemingly illogical yet intellectually and culturally relevant ways, all the while creating my own personal semi-abstract painting style.”

“I select objects to place within fields of line and color, from within a subtle range of the commonplace, which carry diverse associative meaning. In a formal sense, these objects become islands or anchor points around which my lines flow—a balance is struck between the visceral palette, the active line, the sometimes heavy impasto, and these simply rendered objects so that a whole manifests itself amidst the charm of this luminescent chaos. A whole which doesn't neutralize or negate the individual powers of seemingly irreconcilable elements, but harnesses their energy and harmonizes them into a whole without any abnegation.”