Rosen Publishes Multiple Works about International Violence and Criminality

RosenDr. Jonathan Rosen, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice in the School of Arts and Sciences, has recently completed three books that are focused on international violence and criminality.

Rosen’s first, a co-published volume at ICESI University titled Economía y política de Colombia a principios de siglo 21: De Uribe a Santos y el postconflicto, focuses on the peace process, history of internal armed conflict, political economy, drug trafficking, and organized crime in Colombia during the 21st century.

“Bruce Bagley, a professor at the University of Miami, and I worked with authors from around the region—from Colombia to Canada—to examine the different challenges that Colombia faces. Colombia is a fascinating case study because it has been at the epicenter of the war on drugs for decades. In addition, the country has had a long history of internal armed conflict.”

His second published piece is a book he co-edited, Violence in the Americas, where he and his co-editor analyze the general trends and nature of violence in various countries throughout the Americas. The book will be available in April 2018 and is published by Lexington Books.

“The Americas is the most violent region in the world in terms of homicides. Moreover, this region is home to the most violent cities and countries on the planet. My co-editor and I worked with a list of scholars throughout Latin America. There are many scholarly works that examine drug violence in one country. However, we thought that the literature lacked a comprehensive volume of the trends in violence throughout the region. We focus on case studies examining Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Haiti.” 

Finally, Rosen has co-authored a new book that will be published in November. Illicit Markets, Organized Crime and Global Security focuses on various arms of illicit markets, including drug and human trafficking. It will be available in November 2018 and will be published by Palgrave Macmillan.

“While there are many books that have been written on drug trafficking and organized crime, I believe that there is a need for a comprehensive book that examines multiple illicit markets. My co-author, Hanna Kassab, and I decided to write a book on the evolution and dynamics of illicit markets. We sought to write a piece that could be accessible to students, academics, and policymakers. While the Internet has revolutionized the way in which we live, advances in technology present many challenges for security professionals and law enforcement.”