Extended Learning Adds Offerings in Communications and Psychology

Holy Family University’s Division of Extended Learning has announced two new accelerated Bachelor of Arts programs in Communications and Psychology. These programs teach the exact same curriculum as the traditional, face-to-face programs, but are offered in consecutive eight-week terms. Students earn their degrees quickly as courses run continuously, with a short break in between terms. Additionally, they are either a blend of online and in-person evening meetings or completely online.

The programs are especially designed for people who work, possibly have families, and would like to finish their degrees. Holy Family University has a generous course transfer policy to help make this possible.

Both Communications and Psychology are broad degrees that can provide a solid background for a variety of careers. Each program requires an internship, which can be completed at a current job or through the University’s Experiential Learning Department.

EL Comm


“In the Accelerated Communications major, we teach you how to create media, how to generate publicity, and how to understand our complex mediated world, including how to strategically use social media to build brand awareness and promote engagement,” said Dr. Amanda McClain, Associate Professor of Communications. “Our alumni have jobs as public relations account managers, event planners, social media specialists, brand managers, video producers, and content writers, and have gone on to work at places like Disney, Merck, and the Philadelphia Flyers.”

“Our Communications courses incorporate skills students apply after college. Our graduates are not only critical thinkers, but also effective communicators, able to exceptionally perform in the workplace and in society. Our program superbly prepares the next generation of communications practitioners for the evolving professional environment.”

EL Pysch


“Do you have an interest in understanding the complexities of human behavior? Holy Family University’s Accelerated Psychology program allows students to examine the scientific study of the brain and behavior,” explained Dr. Stacy McDonald, Associate Professor of Psychology. “Our Psychology courses expose students to all the major areas within the field of Psychology, including biological, clinical, cognitive, developmental, and social psychology. Students develop a strong foundation in psychological principles, as well as statistics and research methods.”

“Students who have majored in Psychology have found jobs at psychiatric hospitals, community mental health centers, and schools, whereas others have gone on to pursue graduate degrees. Psychology majors can enter careers as an applied behavior analysis counselor, social worker, substance abuse counselor, early childhood behavioral specialist, clinical research assistant, research coordinator, or a human resources coordinator.” 

“The Psychology major is a well-rounded student who gains valuable transferable skills that are desirable across many professional settings, such as an understanding of human behavior, ability to think critically, knowledge of statistics and research methods, and strong interpersonal communication skills. Thus, the Psychology program provides students with a solid foundation for various careers and graduate programs.”