Comedy Team Teaches Students About Culture, Sex, Intervention

SexSignalsThe Office of Student Affairs will welcome Sex Signals, a sexual assault prevention program that drives its message home through humor, on Thursday, September 6, in the ETC Auditorium at 6 pm.

Using funds awarded to the Title IX Office through the PA Governor's Its on Us grant, Holy Family University has invited Sex Signals to campus to educate the student body on culture, sex, and intervention. Sex Signals has become one of the most popular programs on college campuses through its unorthodox, humor-facilitated and inclusive approach to examining today’s society.

“Sex Signals is the most highly recommended program of its kind, and is presented thousands of times each year by award-winning professionals,” said Marianne Price, Title IX Coordinator. “This program does not expect any level of understanding from its attendees; no matter what experience you have in training or programming of this kind, you will gain a new piece of knowledge or perspective. It is important for the Holy Family University community to have an opportunity to hear from national-level speakers when we have the option available so that we can provide the global perspectives we promise them as part of our Core Values. At its core, Sex Signals promises to engage, be honest, and allow for exploration in some tough topics. The program is a clear choice for our campus, because it is so unique in its presentation, providing opportunity for humor and exploration of our culture to come together.”

Sex Signals teaches students that everyone plays a role in stopping sexual violence, that there are differences between risk reduction strategies and rape prevention, and that people across gender identities and sexual identities can be victims of sexual violence, among many other lessons.

As a result of its tremendous reputation in the higher education community among both students and administration, Sex Signals has been performed over 3,500 times at colleges and universities of all sizes and has been seen by over 1 million students worldwide. Sex Signals was awarded “Speaker of the Year” from Campus Activities Magazine in 2015 and 2016. Since 2000, Sex Signals has been performed at over 900 colleges and military installations.