IPL Collaborative Hosts First Conference in Bensalem

IPL group

The Involuntary Pregnancy Loss Collaborative, spearheaded by Drs. Kimberly Dasch-Yee, Jenai Grigg, and Stacy McDonald, will host the 2018 Involuntary Pregnancy Loss Conference in hopes of bringing together professionals from a variety of disciplines to share research and findings regarding the psychosocial impact of prenatal, perinatal, and neonatal pregnancy loss. The conference will be held on Friday, October 12 at Holy Family University’s Bensalem location.

“It is our hope that the connections and relationships that are formed during this conference can help increase the opportunity for collaboration on research in this area,” Grigg said.

Since its creation in 2016, the Involuntary Pregnancy Loss Collaborative has worked to open up the dialogue and research opportunities surrounding pregnancy loss. This mission will carry over into the group’s first conference.

“A goal of the conference is to increase conversation surrounding pregnancy loss, as there are still cultural norms that limit dialog related to this topic,” Dasch-Yee said. “We hope participants will gain awareness and strategies for working with women who have experienced pregnancy loss, as well as a greater understanding of the breadth and magnitude of loss experiences.”

The event will be highlighted by a keynote address from Pamela A. Geller, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology, OB/GYN, and Public Health at Drexel University. Geller’s work focuses on the psychological aspects of events surrounding pregnancy and childbirth, such as infertility, pregnancy loss, and postpartum depression. With a visiting professorship in neonatology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Geller is addressing the experiences of mothers with an infant in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with ongoing projects relevant to parental distress and adjustment and nurse education.

“Dr. Geller's work truly embodies our mission,” McDonald said. “She is a leading researcher in women's health issues, with an extensive background in a variety of issues relating to the psychological effects of pregnancy loss and infertility. We are fortunate that Dr. Geller is ‘in our backyard’ and are thrilled to have her discuss her research from the past 25 years in the field.”

NBCC continuing education credits* will be offered for this event.

*For discipline-specific CEUs, please verify with your credentialing board.

To learn more and to register for the event, please visit: https://www.holyfamily.edu/ipl-conference