Rosen’s Book Examines Drugs, Gangs, and Violence in Central and Latin America


Dr. Jonathan Rosen, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice in the School of Arts and Sciences, recently published his latest book, Drugs, Gangs, and Violence, with his co-author Hanna Samir Kassab.

The book, published by Palgrave Macmillan, “examines the nature of transnational organized crime and gangs, and how these diverse organizations contribute to violence, especially in so-called fragile states across Central and Latin America.”

“This book is an effort to understand the nature of crime and violence, focusing on organized crime and gang-related violence in various countries,” Rosen said. “It examines the relationship between states plagued by high levels of corruption and organized crime. While organize crime groups have contributed to violence, some government strategies, such as iron fist (mano dura) policies have also led to rising levels of violence in various countries examined in this work.”

Rosen had multiple works published in 2018, including a co-published volume entitled Economía y política de Colombia a principios de siglo 21: De Uribe a Santos y el postconflicto, focusing on the peace process, history of internal armed conflict, political economy, drug trafficking, and organized crime in Colombia during the 21st century; Violence in the Americas,  a book he co-edited that analyzes the general trends and nature of violence in various countries throughout the Americas; Illicit Markets, Organized Crime and Global Security, which focuses on various arms of illicit markets, including drug and human trafficking; and an article entitled “Overcoming Stigma and Discrimination: Challenges for Reinsertion of Gang Members in Developing Countries” in the International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology.