October Art Gallery: Johanna Warwick

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Holy Family University Art Gallery presents Monuments to Strangers, works by Johanna Warwick

Exhibit: October 5-28, 2018
Artists Talk and Reception: Wednesday, October 10 | 12 pm – 2 pm

The Holy Family University Art Gallery is pleased to present Monuments to Strangers, works by Johanna Warwick

Johanna Warwick is a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design with an MFA in Photography and Ryerson University with a BFA in Photography. She is a British born, Canadian raised photographer now working and living in Baton Rouge, LA where she has been an Assistant Professor of Art and Photography at Louisiana State University since 2015. She has exhibited in New York, Toronto and other major cities across North America.

From the artist: “In this work I utilize news images and materially re-contextualize them to emphasize the limitations of photography as an emotionally and factually accurate record of the time. I combine analogue and digital processes to underscore the ways in which news photographs have been produced and how that production affects our understanding of cultural history. The photographs look at the selective representation of the individual within printed daily newspapers from the 1880s to the1960s.”

“The figures in the blocks are unknown, but they were at one point important, or significant enough, to have their image produced in this way. The images reveal how versions of history were presented publicly. I photograph to highlight how women and minorities were vastly under represented, and in re-presenting these images hope to reveal and question our flawed history. The images are etched into copper or zinc, creating long lasting portraits that have proven permanence over time. I imagine the names of the figures, question what they were once important for, and explore the social context behind them. I don’t seek to make a document as they were used before, but to photograph them as visual monuments. Men are abundant; women are few and far between. The images pertain to births, graduations, professions, weddings and obituaries. Through these images a story begins to evolve of the major life events and rights of passage that people continually move through then and now.”

The event will take place at Holy Family University’s Education Technology Center (ETC) in the lobby and art gallery. Parking is available to all in the Campus Center parking lot in the visitor section without restriction.

This exhibition is part of Holy Family's monthly Gallery shows held throughout the academic year, each of which showcases a new and diverse exhibit featuring artists from around the world as well as Holy Family University's graduating art majors. The intended audiences of this exhibition are people of all ages.

The University Art Gallery is located on the Lower Level of the Education & Technology Center on the University’s Northeast Philadelphia campus. The exhibit is free and open to the public. The Gallery is open Monday through Friday, from 8 am - 8 pm.