PsyD Program Hosts Second Ethics Forum

Holy Family University’s Doctor of Psychology in Counseling Psychology program will be hosting its second annual Ethics Forum on Tuesday, November 20 at the University’s Newtown location. The event will feature a keynote from Dr. David Rogers, past President of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association, who will discuss the role mental health professionals play in treating law enforcement officials.

Student poster presentations will be from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm and the keynote address will be from 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm. The event is open to the public.

"Our Ethics Forum is an opportunity for our doctoral program students to step into the spotlight and share their scholarship and knowledge with the Holy Family Community,” said Dr. Diane Menago. “As part of this yearly event, our Masters-level students are asked to submit posters of their current research and take that first step into presenting as knowledgeable clinicians. We are so pleased, this year, to be hosting our esteemed speaker, Dr. David A. Rogers, as he presents on the role mental health professionals play in treating law enforcement officials."

Introduction/Fall Ethics Forum Chairs
Jasmin Rolling, MHS, LPC
Johnetta Kolison, MS, LAC

Role Play
Johnetta Kolison, MS, LAC
James Wing, MA
Nicole King, MA

Obtaining Competence
Jasmin Rolling, MHS, LPC
Johnetta Kolison, MS, LAC

Maintaining Competence
Dave Jah, MA, LPC
Nicole King, MA

James Wing, MA


Master Level Student Poster Presentations

How Diagnoses Change Our Client's Self-Perception
Michelle Brook (Clinical Mental Health)
Lauren Sherman (Clinical Mental Health)

The Plaintiff Class: Preserving the Past is an Ethical Responsibility
Samantha Warner (Clinical Mental Health)

Exploring the Path from Blame to Healing in Victimization
Nicole Sadler (Correctional Counseling)
Marli Criniti – (Correctional Counseling)

Improving Access to Affordable Mental Health Care
Kierstyn Rossi (School Counseling)
Erin McCartney (Clinical Mental Health)
Mary Courtney (Clinical Mental Health)

Opioid Crisis Increases Need for Funding of Long-Term Treatment
Gina Lyszczak (Correctional Counseling)
Greg Simons (Clinical Mental Health)

The Effects of Sexual Violence from People in Power
Amber Doyle (Clinical Mental Health)
Amanda Jervis (Clinical Mental Health)

Youth Safety: Preventing and Reducing Gun Violence in America’s Youth
Madelyn Ritzlock (School Counseling)
Maria Kaloudis (School Counseling)

Domestic Violence within the LGBTQIAA+ Community
Donna Jenkins (Clinical Mental Health)
Dana Laforet (Clinical Mental Health)

Are Athletes Mentally Tough? Or Good at Masking Their Illness?
Erin Schofield (Clinical Mental Health)
Lauren Markowitz (Clinical Mental Health)

Addiction and the Promotion of Halfway Housing
Sabrina Harrison-Gaines (Clinical Mental Health)
Shaina Pierce (Clinical Mental Health)
Sirtaj Patheja (Clinical Mental Health)