Ginsberg Named to Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology Cohort


Dr. Freda Ginsberg, Director of the Counseling Psychology graduate program, has been named to the Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology (LIWP) 2019 cohort. Dr. Ginsberg was nominated by Dr. Shelley Robbins, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences.

Created by the American Psychological Association (APA), applicants were qualified if they were mid-career women psychologists working full time in a variety of fields, including academic, clinical, corporate, and non-profit.

“Getting accepted to the American Psychological Association's Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology is truly an honor,” Ginsberg said. “I am grateful that Dean Shelley Robbins nominated me to participate in this prestigious experience. The acceptance letter I received from the Senior Director of the Women's Program Office noted that I was accepted, ‘in recognition of my outstanding career achievements and demonstrated leadership potential.’”

Dr. Ginsberg has been with Holy Family University since 2016, serving as Director of the Counseling Psychology program and the newly created Doctorate of Counseling Psychology, which was launched in March 2017. Dr. Ginsberg’s expertise are focused on not-for-profit-social service management, social justice counseling, service delivery to women and minority populations, counseling Jews, trauma and crisis intervention, eating disorders, social justice, multicultural and feminist pedagogy, and mentoring students.

“From the day she arrived on campus, Dr. Ginsberg has demonstrated amazing leadership skills,” said Dr. Robbins. “She began immediately by digitizing files and creating spreadsheets for course enrollments and student needs, mentoring faculty and reviewing adjuncts, streamlined the program budget, and took the lead on creating the PsyD program in her first year as Director of Counseling Psychology. The Leadership Institute will give her the opportunity to expand her leadership potential beyond Holy Family University and have an impact on APA policy as well.”

According to the APA, “The mission of the APA LIWP is to prepare, support and empower women psychologists as leaders to promote positive changes in institutional, organizational and practice settings as well as APA governance, and increase the diversity, number and effectiveness of women psychologists as leaders. A major focus of the Institute is to ensure that leadership training opportunities are available for mid-career and senior women psychologists in all of their diversities.”