Holy Family University Launches New MS in Organizational Leadership Program


Holy Family University has officially launched its Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership, a Rapid Degree program. Organizational Leadership is a field of study within business management where students learn ways in which highly functional organizations operate and the role that strong leaders play in contributing to this success.

The Holy Family University Organizational Leadership program will allow students to learn how to help a company transition individuals and whole organizations to meet new industry trends and developments as they happen. Students will have the chance to develop the components that are crucial to a management position.

“We are very excited to offer a program that is designed to uniquely prepare students for positions of leadership within their organizations,” said Dr. Karen Galardi, Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies. “Students will be challenged to evaluate ethical issues facing their organization and aid their fellow employees in creating an ethical culture appropriate to their unique situation.”

Classes are offered in eight-week hybrid terms, with students only meeting face-to-face in two of those weeks and the rest of class time completed online. Face-to-face meetings are held on Saturdays at Holy Family’s Northeast Philadelphia campus.

“We understand that professionals have busy lives and have created this program to best meet their schedules while allowing for collaborative, real-time discussions in a classroom setting,” Galardi said.

Holy Family’s Rapid Degree programs were developed to help students get to the next level in their career, or finish a degree, in an alternative format to the traditional college semester. Classes are offered in eight-week formats, allowing you to start and complete a degree program on a faster track.

Rapid Degree programs offer a variety of class options from online, hybrid, weekend, and evening class times that best fit everyone’s schedule.