Honors Symposium Showcases Student Research

Students Studying

The Honors Program at Holy Family University will host its Honors Symposium on Friday, March 1 at 5 pm in the Education and Technology Center on the Northeast Campus.

Each Honors Program student is required to work on a research project with a faculty mentor as part of the Honors Program requirements. This event is the culmination of that research experience, where the Honors Program juniors are presenting their research projects.

The event will open at 5 pm in the ETC Auditorium. The students will then present their research in the ETC classrooms.

“The research experience is meant to help students develop an area of academic expertise and provide research experience that can be helpful in future job or graduate school applications,” said Kimberly Dasch-Yee, PhD, Honors Program Director and Associate Professor of Psychology. “In addition, working closely with a faculty member helps develop a strong working relationship with a mentor who can provide career and graduate school advice, guidance, and recommendations.”

Student research presentation:

Tuberculosis: A Curable Disease Eternalized by Poverty
Presenter: Joan Beerbower
Mentor: Christopher Carbone, PhD

Sexual Assaults Among College-Aged Individuals
Presenter: Chanel Bermudez
Mentor: Jacqueline Wolbransky, CRNP

Relationships Between Emotion Regulation Ability and Stress Management
Presenter: Alexis Bizupic
Mentors: Jennifer DeCicco, PhD and Kimberly Dasch-Yee, PhD

The Negative Stigma Behind Mathematics
Presenter: Melissa Cahill
Mentor: Sister Marcella Louise Wallowicz CSFN, PhD

Is Art Therapy a Viable Treatment for Sex Offenders?
Presenter: Jamie Cannon
Mentor: Katrina Carroll-Haskins, MA

The Influence of Stomach Microorganisms on the Development of Mental Disorders
Presenter: Brianna Coffman
Mentor: Jaclyn Myers, PhD

The Advertisement: Nike’s Marketing and Impact
Presenter: Jonathon Gregull
Mentors: Luanne Amato, MBA, EdD and Donald Goeltz, DPS, MBA, MS

Debt of Leasing: Harmful or Beneficial?
Presenter: Elizabeth Hawrylack
Mentor: Karl Malaszczyk, Esq., CPA/PFS, MS.Tax., LL.M.

Marketing Through Perceptual Maps
Presenter: Connor Irwin
Mentor: Luanne Amato, MBA, EdD

A Debate Turned Disparity: A Call for Healthcare Providers to Respond
Presenter: Zachary Lutz
Mentor: Christopher Carbone, PhD

The Impact of Sleep Quality on Coping
Presenter: Sarah Maloy
Mentors: Jennifer DeCicco, PhD and Kimberly Dasch-Yee, PhD

Influenza Antigenic Drift as it Relates to Healthcare
Presenter: Sarah Montgomery
Mentor: Jaclyn Myers, PhD

Holistic Care for Alzheimer's Patients
Presenter: Meghan Moyer
Mentor: Kimberly Dasch-Yee, PhD

The Influx of Charter Schools in the City of Philadelphia and the Lasting Effects on Public Education
Presenter: Alyssa Rothrock
Mentor: Kimberly Heuschkel, EdD

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome is Affecting the Future of Nursing
Presenter: Gabrielle A Simon
Mentor: Daniel Bassi, MSN, PhD

The Significance and Relevance of Ancient Chinese Economic Thought
Presenter: Vladislav Tatarintsev
Mentor: Madigan Fichter, PhD

Ectopic Pregnancy and Mental Health
Presenter: Alyssa Zintner
Mentor: Christopher Carbone, PhD

Prescription Drug Abuse
Presenter: Kaylah Zucaro
Mentor: Bettyanne Matase RN, MSN, DNP-s