Rosen Speaks at Mexican Senate

Rosen Senate

Dr. Jonathan Rosen, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice in the School of Arts and Sciences, recently participated in a daylong event at the Mexican Senate where he spoke about the opioid epidemic in the United States.

The Mexican Senate spent the day examining opioid production in Mexico, specifically Guerrero, a state located in the south of Mexico, that is a leader in producing opium.

“I spoke about the relationship between the United States and Mexico, focusing specifically on the opioid epidemic in the United States,” Rosen said. “I talked about the emergence of fentanyl as well as some of the different strategies being debated in the United States to combat the demand.”

Other academics, activists, and various politicians also discussed and debated the issue, focusing on what policies work, as well as the major challenges to combating opium production.

“This was a really interesting event,” Rosen said. “It was a true honor to be able to speak with some of the leading politicians in Mexico about this important policy issue. Guerrero, along with some other Mexican states, are seeking to address the production of opium as well as organized crime groups that operate in these regions.”