Holy Family University Polish Heritage Series: Just Call Me Jerzy

Kelly Jerzy FC webOn Thursday, April 4, Holy Family University’s Polish Series will welcome Judith Kelly, author of Just Call Me Jerzy: Popieluszko in the United States and Canada, to discuss her book in the ETC Auditorium at 7 pm.

Kelly introduces us to a figure who not only has an important place in the annals of recent Polish history and of the Catholic Church, but whose life and death can serve as both a lesson and an inspiration for people of all backgrounds in today’s challenging times. Jerzy Popieluszko followed an ordinary vocation to priesthood but found himself caught up in extraordinary times, to which he responded with nonviolent determination, quiet grace, and fortitude. Reading his story and following his travels through the United States and Canada, we see an unassuming human being raised to greatness by his wise and courageous choices. 

“I hope that people will attend our talk to learn of the life, times, and, especially, the courage of an inspirational Polish priest, Father Jerzy Popieluszko,” Buzydlowski said. “Father Jerzy was a non-violent martyr, recognized by the Roman Catholic Church, who was associated with the Solidarity movement in communist Poland. The author of a book on his life, Judith Kelly, will speak of his vocation, and advocation, as well as highlight his travels here in the United States, where he visited several places, including our hometown, Philadelphia.” 

This is the second event in the Polish Heritage Series. Previously, Buzydlowski and University Archivist, Sister Brendan O'Brien, discussed Holy Family University’s Polish roots during a talk on March 12, 2017.

For further information, please contact Dr. Jan Buzydlowski at jbuzydlowski@holyfamily.edu or Sister Maria Sophia Gerlach at mgerlach@holyfamily.edu.