Student Acting Takes Center Stage with Unique Course

Acting Class

Aspiring thespians have the opportunity to showcase their talents on stage during the School of Arts and Sciences’ Acting class offered in the fall semester.

Students will spend the semester learning various acting and theatrical elements, including improv, monologues, and skits. Students will also take in the local Philadelphia theater scene with a field trip to see a performance. The semester’s coursework will conclude with a showcase comprised of various monologues and short scenes that will be open to the public.

According to Dr. Shelley Robbins, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, the class also provides students the opportunity to learn skills that future employers covet.

“The course teaches students to communicate effectively and with confidence,” she said. “This is a skill that employers look for regardless of one's major or job title.”

Leading the class will be Julie Czarnecki, a professional equity actress that has performed in many of Philadelphia’s local theaters, including the Walnut Street Theatre, Wilma Theater, and the Arden Theater Company. She has appeared in the leading role in Good People, God of Carnage, Tom Stoppard’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, Miss Witherspoon, Fiddler on the Roof, and My Fair Lady, among many other stage performances. She has also been featured in the independent film Night Comes On, a national commercial for Car Sense and the “Loves Me Not” episode of the Emmy-nominated television series Maple Ave.

Czarnecki has taught public speaking at Holy Family University since 2016.

“If given the chance, every student should fit an acting class into their schedule,” Czarnecki said. “Whether you have some experience on stage or none at all, this course will open new doors and provide a solid understanding of the actor’s craft. Students will enhance their oral communication abilities, learn team-building techniques, and develop critical thinking strategies. What better way to have fun and relieve some stress from an otherwise hectic schedule and heavy course load?”