Heiler ’19 Accepts Position with Teach For America

Kyra Heiler web

Kyra Heiler ’19, a psychology major with a minor in childhood studies, has recently accepted a teaching position with Teach For America. She’ll be moving to Memphis, Tennessee in June to teach elementary education.

During her senior year at Holy Family, Heiler began looking at what career she wanted to pursue after graduation. She knew that she wanted to work with children, but wasn’t necessarily sure in what capacity.

“I love kids and I knew they were the population I wanted to work with, however, I had this realization that I wanted to teach and be that role model for them,” Heiler said. “That is what ultimately led me to Teach For America. Their mission is to take people with any type of background and turn them into leaders in the classroom for these kids who do not have anyone in their corner. Even though I did not graduate with a traditional education background, I know that I am going to be able to use all the knowledge I have learned through my psychology courses to bring change and to understand the students who have faced adversity in a deeper way.”

Heiler is looking forward to moving to a new state, and blending her Pennsylvania background with Memphis’ education system.

“I am so excited to bring some Philadelphia culture to Memphis while learning about Tennessee. I want my classroom to be fun and welcoming. I want to make a difference in my future students’ lives, just how they have already changed mine. Moving away from my family and friends is a sacrifice I am making for students I have yet to meet, but they already are my world.”

According to their website, “Teach For America finds outstanding leaders who commit to expanding educational opportunity, beginning with at least two years teaching in an under-resourced public school. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with students, educators, and community members, corps members go beyond traditional expectations to support the academic and personal growth of their students. The impact corps members have in the classroom fuels a lifelong commitment to their students and shapes the trajectory of their lives and careers.”