2020 Taylor Awards to Fund Key Research and Publication Initiatives

Photo of the 2020 Holy Family University Taylor Award Recipients

Twelve Holy Family University professors are recipients of the 2020 Ray and Mildred Taylor Awards to fund seven important research and publication initiatives, according to Michael Markowitz, PhD, Vice President of Academic Affairs. The awards were presented before Holy Family faculty and staff at the Jan. 8 Opening Meeting to kick-off Spring Semester. This year’s honorees will pursue research initiatives in the areas of cancer, women’s mental health related to pregnancy loss, emotional changes over a lifespan, and radiologic examination advances, among others.

“This significant award program helps fuel the professional development and the passions of our staff while advancing the University’s contribution to the academic community and society at large,” said Markowitz. “We are fortunate to have this endowment fund for our professors to increase shared knowledge for the greater good.”

The award program was established through an endowment created by Carol Taylor, RN, PhD, a former University faculty member who served from 1979-1987 and 1995-1997 in the School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions. Taylor and her family created the award to honor her parents: Raymond and Mildred Taylor. Carol was honored by the School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions in October 2012 with its highest award, the Distinguished Nursing Alumni Award.

The Ray and Mildred Taylor Awards provides funding to faculty who have completed at least two years of full-time teaching at Holy Family. Requests are made in the form of formal proposals to the Ray and Mildred Taylor Committee, with priority given to those projects that advance faculty research and scholarship.

The 2020 Taylor Awards include:

The Seed and the Soil: Contribution of the Microenvironment to Cancer Progression
Dr. Daniel Bassi

This project will help expand Dr. Bassi’s life-long work in cancer research. It will also allow students to replicate and develop their own research that will allow them to publish and present at local and national conferences in the field.

Cross Disciplinary Proposal to Secure Funding for a Tissue Culture Incubator
Dr. Chris Carbone and Professor Mark Ness

This project will fund the purchase of a tissue culture incubator that will help advance the study of at least two identified faculty research projects. It will also enhance the ability of students to investigate multiple areas of research including cancer studies, virology, toxicity screening, genetically engineered production of proteins, gene therapy, immunofluorescence, and drug screening development.

Breaking the Silence: Understanding Women’s Perspectives on Involuntary Pregnancy Loss
Drs. Kimberly Dasch-Yee, Jenai Grigg, and Stacy McDonald

This project will support the development of a second Involuntary Pregnancy Loss conference to be held at Holy Family in 2020. This next phase of study will advance the work of the faculty involved in their efforts to become leaders in this important area of behavioral research.

Evaluating Adaptive Emotion Regulation Across the Lifespan Using Neurophysiological Markers
Dr. Jennifer DeCicco

This project will evaluate how adaptive cognitive emotion regulation changes over the lifespan (children, young adults and older adults). The goal is to identify neural markers of reappraisal that characterize adaptive/maladaptive regulatory patterns using central (CNS) and peripheral (PNS) nervous system.

Photo Permissions for Book Manuscript Completion
Dr. Madigan Fichter

The funds will cover the completion of a book manuscript by Dr. Fichter entitled Strange Forest, Counterculture and Youth Opposition in the Socialist Balkans, 1965-1975, through the purchase of photo rights as identified in a book contract with Oxford University Press.

Radiologic Research

  • Reducing Patient Entrance Skin Exposure by Increasing the X-ray Tube’s Source to Image and Source to Object Distances, and
  • Comparing Effectiveness of Shielding Gonadal Areas of Patients Using Anterior-Placement of Lead Shielding vs. Conventional Posterior Placement During Posteroanterior Chest Imaging

Professors Mark Ness, Samantha Cepparulo, and Dr. Shana Narita
The funding will support the purchase of equipment to provide radiologic science faculty and students with the opportunity to complete original research examining the two topics above. The faculty participating in this research have scholarly interests linked to ensuring the overall safety and welfare of patients undergoing radiologic examinations.