Rosen's Latest Book Studies Corruption in the Americas

Corruption in the AmericasCorruption in the Americas, edited by Jonathan D. Rosen, PhD, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice for Holy Family University, and Hanna S. Kassab, PhD, takes a fresh, comprehensive look at corruption in Latin America. Given the volatility of this region, this book offers a timely assessment, to provide students with a deeper understanding of this complex topic.

Reviewer Nathan P. Jones of Sam Houston State University notes, that “the edited volume has assembled top scholars and think tank researchers to produce a wide-ranging look at corruption in Latin America. With chapters on democratization, state fragility, and corruption in Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, Guatemala, Peru, and Colombia, no other volume is as comprehensive an assessment of corruption in the region. As Latin America reels from pandemic and widespread criminal violence, the question of corruption is one policymakers and scholars will need to grapple with. This volume will light the way.”

Reviewer Peter Andreas of Brown University states, “Rosen and Kassab have put together a valuable up-to-date collection of case-studies to help us make sense of the corruption of politics and the politics of corruption in the region.

Rosen’s new book, follows the recent publication of Crime, Violence and the State in Latin America, co-authored with Hanna S. Kassab. Both books explore the connection between weak institutions and government policies as well as drug trafficking, organized crime and violence in Latin America. 

Rosen teaches various courses at Holy Family University, where he shares his renown expertise in this arena with students in the Criminal Justice program.

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